Saturday, July 9, 2011

DIY Project – Make a No-Sew Faux Roman Shade

I love the cool, calm, summery feel of this room by Meg Braff, pictured in House Beautiful. Part of that summery feel, for me at least, comes from the unfussy window treatments she chose to use.

Done in Paradise Background fabric from Quadrille, these custom-made roman shades look great but are no doubt too pricey for some of us who are on a budget and don’t have sewing skills.

But how about creating the same kind of look with a no-sew faux roman shade? Now you’re talking!

With a length of remnant fabric, a length of lining material, 3 tension rods and some iron-on tape or fabric glue, you can achieve a similar look within an hour or two.


I first used this technique about thirty years ago in a summer house and was so happy with the way it turned out that I’ve used it a number of times since.

The very talented Richella over at Imparting Grace has written a very good tutorial demonstrating the process. You can see the “underpinnings” of her beautiful shade in the photo at right, and the finished product in the photo below.  Turned out great, didn’t it? Her complete directions are here.

One additional tip:

A roman shade done this way is stationary, so in a bedroom or any other room in which you want to be able to have privacy, plan to use a regular roller shade behind it.

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Richella at Imparting Grace said...

Hi Katherine! What a beautiful blog you have here!

I'm so glad you like the Roman shade tutorial. You're quite right that a shade behind it is a good idea; my shade is certainly not operable. But it's great for a looks-only window treatment or to hide the mechanics of something like a roller shade.

Isn't it fun to share ideas with one another? I really appreciate your sharing mine with your readers. :)

Pagoda Road said...

Hi Richella!

So nice of you to stop by - and thanks so much for your kind words about my blog.

Your shade turned out so well. I can't wait to see the next DIY project you come up with!

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