Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Asian Decorative Cabinet Hardware



Decorative hardware can transform cabinets or drawers in any room into Asian-style focal points.

Whether you want to add a finishing touch to a chest, a trunk or even to bi-fold closet doors, the right knob or pull will do it. And wonderful choices are so easily available these days.

At left, for example, is a large brass face plate that would instantly transform any plain cabinet or armoire into a standout.  Made in the shape of the Chinese symbol for happiness, it has a pin closure and twin pulls in the shape of fish. Imagine how great it would look against a fresh coat of red paint?





For something even more dramatic, there’s the six horses cabinet face plate at right. It’s made of brass, then stenciled in black with images of ancient Chinese soldiers on horseback. It could either be used on a cabinet or framed as a piece of wall decor.





Simple and attractive, the brass ring plate pull at left would be great on a drawer or even on a bi-fold door.


lion-pull-brass brilliant-sun-pull 


The stately brass lion pull at left will stand guard on a cabinet door, while the brass door pull at right is designed to evoke the strength and brilliance of the sun.




longevity-brass-2  abundant-happiness-pull

A Chinese longevity symbol decorates the brass drawer handle at left, which would work well on a chest or on the side of a trunk.  Abundant happiness is the promise of the brass pull at right.






happiness-knob tranquility-knob-pewter



Above left: A more contemporary brass pull symbolizing a single leaf hanging from a tree.

Top center: This round pewter knob, finished in red, bears the Chinese character for happiness.

Top right: The pagoda-inspired matte black pull from Top Knobs.

Above center: Bosetti-Marella’s antique brass Oriental knob has a contemporary Japanese-inspired look.

Above right: Tranquility is the Chinese character on this pewter knob from Anne at Home.

There you have it - twelve different samples of Asian decorative hardware to inspire your own creativity. Might there be an Asian-inspired cabinet makeover in your decorating future this fall?


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Abracadeborah said...

Wow, you're on a serious roll with this blog. Asian-inspired hardware?! Please keep sharing your incredible ideas -- that lion door pull really roars!

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