Thursday, August 4, 2011

DIY Headboard Ideas for Asian-Inspired Bedrooms



Looking for some creative headboard ideas that could be adapted for use in an Asian-inspired bedroom? Here are five do-it-yourself suggestions you can use to jumpstart your imagination.

In the photo at left, two wooden garden trellises were joined together and backed with paper. One end of each trellis was trimmed to allow them to abut, and wood screws did the joining. Looks great, doesn’t it? From Better Homes and Gardens.



An HGTV viewer submitted the colorful headboard idea at right to the network’s website. Nine individually framed pieces of fabric, hung very close together, form a handsome grid that becomes the focal point of the room.

You could achieve a similar look by covering artist canvases with fabric.

To figure the size of the frames or canvases you need, a good rule of thumb is to add about eight inches to the the width of your mattress, then divide that total by three.




Designer Kara Paslay came up with the headboard idea at left for HGTV. She stained a thin piece of luan and used spray-painted painter’s tape to make the geometric pattern. Very creative!









The photo at right is from Better Homes and Gardens. Three hollow-core doors were painted with stripes and affixed to the wall behind the bed.

If painting stripes is not your thing, you could cover the doors with fabric instead. And if narrow doors are too hard to find, artist canvases would be a good substitution.





diy asian inspired bamboo headborad



The headboard on the Hawaiian-themed bed at left could easily be translated to an Asian-inspired bedroom.

Cover an existing headboard or a piece of plywood with a yoga mat or inexpensive bamboo rug. Better Homes and Gardens suggests using wood glue to adhere it.

Once that’s on, trim the perimeter with bamboo canes that have been cut in half. I think dark ones, which you can usually find at craft stores or at Pier 1, would look great.






If you prefer an upholstered headboard, Better Homes and Gardens has a tutorial with complete instructions for making the one at right.

Its shape is similar to many of the headboards used in high-end designer rooms, so if you can find some beautiful Chinoiserie fabric at a bargain price to cover it with you’ll have a designer look at a fraction of the cost.

Do you have a favorite DIY headboard idea that you’ve used in an Asian-inspired bedroom? Please share the photo and I may use it in a future post.





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