Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Ikebana – Holiday Floral Arrangement Inspiration


I love gazing at ikebana flower arrangements. In fact, when I’m stressed I search for ikebana photos to look at just because the beautiful lines of this Japanese art form calm me down. (Looking at Asian-inspired decorated cookies and cakes does the same thing, but ikebana has the benefit of not also making me hungry!)

If you’re feeling pressured by the thought of Christmas being only a week away, join me for a little visual stress relief. Take a deep breath and feast your eyes on these wondrous ikebana floral arrangements, perfect inspiration for your Asian-inspired holiday decor…



Above:  A stunning Japanese ikebana arrangement in Christmas colors from Zuza Fun.


red white and green ikebana

Above: Another lovely arrangement with a holiday look from Zuza Fun.


keith stanley Christmas ikebana arrangement

Above: Keith Stanley, a freelance ikebana designer in Washington, DC, is my favorite ikebana artist. In July he embarked on a personal challenge he calls “365 Days of Ikebana,” with the goal of doing a new arrangement every day for a year. This beauty was his design for December 3rd.


pine and camelia ikebana arrangement

Above: Another fascinating Keith Stanley ikebana design – this one with camellias and pine, done in a hana-dome workshop he conducted at the Ikebana International Exhibition at the U.S. National Arboretum earlier this year.



Above: How warm and restful is this one to look at? Day 116 of Keith Stanley’s personal ikebana challenge.



Above: Ikebana done with two stems of red amaryllis – one right side up, the other upside down. See how Keith Stanley did it here.


green ikebana arrangement

Above: This is a fun one. I found it on Pinterest and loved it, but no designer’s name was given. When I went searching, it turned out that Keith Stanley had done it. I should have known! It’s in his Flikr gallery and he used intertwining akebia and balloon flower vines to create the design.


ikebana christmas arrangement

Above: Lynn of Orchids and Ikebana created this interesting Christmas ikebana arrangement using holly, poinsettias and red nandina berries. Very pretty.

There. I’m feeling more relaxed already. How about you?



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