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Asian-Inspired Home Office Decorating Ideas – Get Organized for 2012


January brings with it the desire to get organized, and what better place to start than in your home office? I’ve rounded up some great Asian-inspired home offices today to provide you with design inspirAsian – and some office storage solutions to help you tame the clutter beast. There’s color as well, and even a few pretty peacocks. Enjoy! 


asian ispired home office space

Above: I’ve been in love with this Asian-inspired office nook since I first ran across it a few months ago. But despite my fondness for its sleek, uncluttered style, I can’t help but wonder where they’re stashing all the office-type stuff we all have to contend with in our homes. It is gorgeous, though, isn’t it? Photo from Better Homes and Gardens.


Asian-inspired contemporary home office space

Above: Here’s another elegantly spare home office. It was created by North Carolina designer Laura Hardin. I adore this one too – but again, where’s the rest of the stuff? Most people aren’t lucky enough to have life this pared down yet. Instead, they’re still dealing with stacks of paper and trying not to trip over a jumble of wires. Photo via Houzz.


home office with free-standing bookcases

Above: Okay, this is more like it. There’s actually stuff (but still no wires!) in this home office. And it’s all beautifully organized in a relatively small space. Placing the desk perpendicular to the wall reduced the square footage that was needed, and decorating all the way to the ceiling provides extra storage and gives the feeling of built-ins without the expense. Photo from Better Homes and Gardens.

This is an easy look to duplicate with inexpensive bookcases from Big Lots or Ikea and standard shelving from Home Depot or Lowe’s. (Don’t worry about finding bookcases with vertical dividers. It will look fine without them.) Check out Home Goods or an import store for similar baskets. And since this is the real world, you will have wires to contend with - so drill holes in the bookcases if necessary and run the wires behind the baskets to keep them out of sight.


blue asian inspired bedroom-office

Above: Sometimes you have to fit a home office in anywhere you can. If you’re in that situation, just remember that your measuring tape is your best friend.

In this bedroom from Elle Decor, space is so tight that the desk also has to serve as a night table. But the efficient use of space, the artwork hung on the front of the bookshelves and the unifying accents of royal blue in the bed linens, lamp and Chinese Chippendale chair turn this into a stunning multi-purpose room.


black and white asian inspired home office

Above: I love this Asian-inspired room with its rustic furniture, Greek key rug border, Chinoiserie coffee table and floor-to-ceiling built-ins. The black and white stripe fabric is a great touch that could also be used in a Japanese-inspired home office with accessories like those below. Photo by Keith Scott Morton from Country Living.


galison modern geometry file folders

japanese inspired black file cabinet








set of 4 black and white floral storage boxes






Top left above: Galison Modern Geometry file folders, package of eight folders with 20 labels.
Bottom left above: Set of four black and white storage boxes. Store photos, CDs, bank statements, etc.
Right above: Japanese-inspired two-drawer Knot file cabinet.


Chinese home office

Above: Turquoise walls and carpeting serve as a monochromatic backdrop for the antique Chinese furniture in this New York City home office. Photo from Yunxing Furniture.

When I saw the color of this room I immediately thought of peacocks… which led to thinking how interesting it would be to do a home office in khaki, purple, green and turquoise, with a few peacock-themed office accessories added in for fun…

 Royal Peacock storage boxes 

Royal peacock file folders






Royal Peacock accordion file



Bright Turquoise paper storage box






Library Letter Box in Plum

If you’re a peacock lover, let them strut their stuff in your home office with these peacock-themed accessories.

Top left above: Set of three Royal Peacock nesting “book” storage boxes.
Top right above: Set of 10 Royal Peacock file folders.
Above left: Royal Peacock accordion file.
Above right: Turquoise paper storage drawers.
Right: Plum storage boxes.


red and white home office

Above: When I saw the good storage ideas in this red and white shabby-chic home office from Better Homes and Gardens, I decided to include it here because it could so easily be transformed into an Asian-inspired space. Replace the curtains with bamboo roman shades, swap out the white desk chair for one in black or rattan, and substitute tailored linen panels for the gathered desk skirt.

The skirt is a great cover-up for wires and all sorts of other messy stuff that’s best stored out of sight. But if you’re lucky enough not to have any messy stuff, skip the skirt and let a plywood desk top rest on red or black two-drawer file cabinets. Storage boxes similar to those in the photo are available at the Container Store in red or black, or mix in a few of the floral ones shown below…


Japanese-inspired Blossom desktop collection

 Japanese-inspired blossom file folders









Above left: The Blossom Collection from The Container Store includes file boxes, storage boxes, paper drawers and magazine files, all in a pretty Japanese-inspired floral print.
Above right: Coordinating Blossom file folders come in packages of six.


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Gwen in San Francisco said...

As a modernist -- and wanna-be minimalist -- who works at home, I heart this post. All the rooms are so clean, yet energizing. Bravo, bravo, bravo!

I'm definitely going to shop for some lovely Asian-inspired file boxes to store my stuff. I may even line one of the boxes with a tiny blanket for the muse who shares my space -- my Siamese cat.

Thanks for the ideas, and happy new year!

Pagoda Road said...

Hi Gwen,

Happy New Year to you, too - and to your muse as well!


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