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Japanese and Chinese Wooden Display Stands – Add Flair to Your Decor and Solve Display Dilemmas


Japanese and Chinese wooden display stands elevate porcelains, plants, bonsai, fans and collectibles to a position of prominence and distinction. They’re beautiful and useful finishing touches that can solve display dilemmas and add extra flair to your Asian-inspired decor. Here are some of the shapes and styles of wooden display stands that are available, as well as a mini-guide to choosing and using them.


house beautiful cover december-january 2012


Chinese porcelain fishbowl jardiniere

chinese wooden fish bowl stand







At left and above: Originally used to hold gold fish and lucky carp in well-to-do homes in Ming dynasty China, Chinese fishbowls like this one are now used as jardinières – as in the room pictured on House Beautiful’s December/January cover. A five-leg wooden display stand is traditionally used to elevate the planter, show it off, and keep moisture off the floor.



Chinese porcelain blue and white bottle vase

 classic round Chinese wooden display stand





round decorative  carved chinese display stand







floral temple jar chinese export-porcelain-pattern fruit bowl







 coral porcelain temple jar lamp






Above and at left: As shown above, round wooden Chinese display stands come in classic or fancier carved styles.

They add an elegant touch to Chinese porcelains like the bottle vase, fruit bowl and floral temple jar shown here – and are often used as lamp bases, as on the coral porcelain temple jar lamp at left.

TIP: Since these display stands come in 24 different sizes, it’s important to measure the bottom of the item you want to display in order to get the right fit!



oval Asian blue and white planter

black oriental oval wooden display stand






Above and at right: An oval porcelain planter like this one from CherryGal of course requires an oval display stand.


Japanese-Chinese rectangular rosewood display stand


At left: Rectangular display stands like this one work nicely in both contemporary and traditional Japanese or Chinese-inspired rooms. They’re great for displaying bonsai, ikebana, figurines, porcelains, large shells or pieces of coral.



ming style square chinese display stand  square carved chinese display stand






Asian square brown wood display stand



 square wooden display stand with horse-hoof feet






Above: Square wooden display stands have a multitude of uses. Use them to elevate lamps or items in a table vignette, or to showcase plants, porcelains or collectibles.

Clockwise from top left: Square Chinese black-lacquered rosewood stand with carved key-style legs; Ornately carved black chow-leg display stand; square Asian display stand in brown; square wooden display stand with horse-hoof feet.


calligraphy brush stand

 display Chinese ornaments year round on calligraphy brush stand








Above: Why put your most treasured ornaments away after Christmas or Chinese New Year? Display them year ‘round on a wooden stand like the Chinese dragon stand, above left, from Asian Ideas. Traditionally used to hold Chinese calligraphy brushes, stands like these are perfect for displaying beautiful Asian ornaments such as the ones above right from Ornaments to Remember.


Oriental paddle fan display stand

 Japanese folding hand fan display stand





Above: How do you display an open Japanese folding fan without nailing it to the wall? This wood stand (which is actually dark brown rather than the color shown) will allow you to display it open and upright on a tabletop.

At left: Display a vintage Oriental paddle fan on a wooden display stand to give it the attention it deserves.

I hope you’ve found this guide helpful and that it inspires you to use Asian display stands to better showcase your Far East treasures. They really do make a decorating difference!


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